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Board Trolleys

At Ravendo, you will find a wide range of dollies, perfect for moving doors, windows, sheets, kitchen cabinets, and crates in a safe and gentle manner. Our dollies are designed to meet the strictest requirements in industrial environments, with high-quality materials ensuring long-lasting durability and reliability. The yellow series of our dollies are crafted from European steel and undergo a powder coating process to ensure exceptional durability and a robust surface.

All dollies are equipped with wheels, available in either pneumatic, solid, or PUR varieties. Pneumatic wheels offer a shock-absorbing solution, ideal for handling uneven surfaces and absorbing shocks during transport. On the other hand, solid wheels provide excellent stability on hard surfaces, while PUR wheels ensure a reliable carriage immune to punctures.

We offer various models of dollies to meet different requirements and needs. Some are designed for easily transporting doors and windows, while others are ideal for kitchen cabinets, crates, and even pallets. All our wagons are practical and easy to operate.

Danish production

Our products are all made from carefully selected quality materials and are produced in Denmark based on thoughts about ergonomics, quality, ease of use and durability. All production takes place at our factory, which is centrally located in Viborg.